March 11th, 2016 / by Joshua Dunn

The portfolio review and curator walkthrough (pictured) couldn’t have gone better! I got some great feedback during my review and the curator walkthrough was unbelievable. During the curator walkthrough you get a six foot table that you normally get half of. I had some small prints of my work (17x22 inch) that I laid on the table and luckily for me no one showed up to share the table. I put up four of the murals on the wall and after twenty minutes or so some of the hotel staff came up and told me I couldn’t hang them on the wall but they were willing to help me find a better solution. They provided two partitions to hang the panoramas on (there are two on the other side as well) which worked out better than hanging them on the wall. I was able to position them at the end of the corridor we were presenting in so when you started walking down the hallway you saw my prints looming at the end. It generated a lot more traffic than if they were just hung on the wall.